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. the opening of the kolkata knight riders was so bad. they losses their 2 wicket early.savrav ganguli wallpaper, vidio , photo, kolkata knight riders,1st ipl 2010 match while kolkata knight riders score is  161/4   from 20 oversA also kolkata knight riders in the ipl season 2, 2009 not so good as well as in ipl season 1.but by winning the 1st match of the ipl season 3, knight riders show there power. While the performance of the kolkata knight riders not so good in the ipl season 2 & season.

good opening by deccan chargers against knight riders1st the ipl seasong  3 openin match between deccan chargers vs knight riders, opening of kolkata knight riders was not soo good.they lost 2 wickets at the starting movement, the first wicket of tiwari as drop as the second wicket of the ganguli is lost.


ipl season 3 fighters are ready to attack

1ST Match deccan chargers vs kolkata knight riders of ipl live cricket start from the 12th march 2010,the opening Ceremony will be held with playing match between deccan chargers vs kolkata knight riders.

Gwalior Pavilion will be named after Sachin Tendulkar after his highest ODI Score 200 not out. Master Blaster has written history again by creating highest one day (ODI) Score 200 not out.